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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Orks in Tubes

So it begins. I have begun blogging about little mans. I've been pretty busy painting up some Vampire Counts lately, but for now I thought I'd post a model that I like quite a bit. This little fella earned me a Bronze at the Chicago Golden Demons this year after the Gold winner was disqualified for not reading the freakin' rules. I suppose it's cool to get the statue, but the circumstances make the whole thing feel a little hollow. Props to Karol Rudyk for his amazing entries. Next time come and enter them yourself. Anyway, I like the model, so I thought I'd post some pics while I figure out how this whole blogspot thing works.

The tube was way rushed (like the night before) and it shows. I certainly could tighten that up, and maybe stencil some letters or an Imperial aquila on the side. All in all, I'm pretty happy with ol' Snikrot himself though and the fallen Crimson Fist guy is alright too.

Looming on the horizon I'm sure I'll put up some Vampire Counts pics, as that's whats on my painting table currently for a work-time escalation league. After that, I'll be crackin' away at some Fire Dragons for my Eldar army in preparation for a Planetstrike campaign event in November and maybe some Exodite conversions for Adepticon 2010.

Until then,